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E-Town ISR

Are you in the Elizabethtown, KY area and interested in equipping your child with life-saving self-rescue skills? There are 3 instructors in our area!


Michele Mattix
South Hardin County

Michele is Vinny's Mimi and is now teaching Self-Rescue swim in E-Town! 


She was a Labor and Delivery nurse for 33 years before deciding to dedicate her life to ensuring Not One More Child Drowns, and educating families on water safety-- the information we learned in the hospital following Vinny's accident and what we WISH we would have known, for had we known it, Vinny would no doubt be here with us today.

Angela Churchmas.jpeg

Angela Churchman
North Hardin County

Angela will be leaving her career as an Office Manager at a Physical Therapy clinic and will be off to Tennessee to begin her ISR Self-Rescue® instructor journey on September 12! She is located on the northern end of Elizabethtown near Joe Prather Highway. 

She has a husband, Kasey, son Brice, and daughter Kinsley. Brice and Kinsley both went to/go to the same daycare Vinny did and where our Luca goes now!


Angela has already started advocating for ISR, even while on vacation in the Bahamas! She has also spearheaded the development of marketing materials to be handed out at her children's pediatrician office.


Daphne Mattingly
Grayson County

Daphne is a Safety Manager in Leitchfield, KY where she has transformed the way safety is perceived. Teaching people how to live more safely is a part of who she is as a person. She was inspired by Vinny to become an instructor after learning how prevalent drowning is and how big the need is to get children skilled.

She will be teaching lessons in Leitchfield, KY where she lives with her husband. She has two children, one daughter, Bethany, in Leitchfield and one son, Joe, who recently graduated Navy boot camp. 


Daphne will be teaching lessons outside of her full time job. She has a heart of gold and will be one amazing ISR instructor!   

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Vinny's Little Brother, Luca's, ISR Self-Rescue Journey

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Luca Week 3 - Copy.JPG

What Can You Do To Prepare for Lessons?

Make the Commitment

Lessons are 10 minutes per day, Monday-Friday, for 6-8 weeks (depending on your child) and cost up to $125 per week. Make sure your schedule allows for this commitment.

Ditch the Floaties

Choosing to put your child in ISR Self-Rescue® Survival Swim means no more floaties in the pool, like puddle jumpers or life jackets. Any time your child is vertical in the water, you risk creating muscle memory for your child to be vertical in the water, so it negates the techniqes that ISR Self-Rescue® Survival Swim teaches.

Set Your Expectations

Parents are expected to read the entire parent manual provided to you at registration prior to lessons.


Crying during lessons is normal. It is simply our kids' way of telling us they are uncomfortable learning a new skill. Stay the course and remember you are equipping them with skills to be able to survive in the water, the LEADING cause of death in children ages 1-4.


You may be asked to step out of sight (NEVER outside, just out of sight from your child) during lessons. This allows for full concentration between your child and instructor. 

Get Them Used to Water

During lessons, they'll be putting their face in the water, so help them get comfortable with this by letting the water stream down their face during bath time!


For older kids, take the goggles away in the pool, as we want them to learn to keep their eyes open under water (so that they can learn to find safety in the event of an aquatic emergency)

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