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Our Mission & Meaning

Our Mission:

To raise awareness for infant self-rescue, to support instructor training and student scholarships, and to help promote access to families in need of such critical safety information for the #1 cause of death in children ages 1-4.

Meaning of Swim For Vinny:

Swim for Vinny means transforming the way you perceive water safety. Swim for Vinny means to embody what we didn't know, what we learned in the hospital room when it was too late. Swim for Vinny means swim to put your child (or any children you know) in swim lessons that teach children to survive in the water, like ISR lessons. Swim for Vinny means do not utilize flotation devices (like puddle jumpers) that teach our children to be vertical in the water, which is the drowning position. Swim for Vinny means looking at water as dangerous and something to be respected, utilizing layers of protection to prevent drowning, the most important of these being survival swim lessons (such as ISR) which teach our kids to SURVIVE in the water. Swim for Vinny means literally SWIM, and do it for Vinny, but also do it for any other children in your life, because their lives could depend on it one day.


Do you Swim for Vinny?

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